Arun Gee: From Determination to Entrepreneur

Arun Gee: From Determination to Entrepreneur

Arun Gee, also known as Guru Gee, leads as the Chairman of Excellency Group of Companies, a journey that traces back to his childhood in Village Kushak Hirank, Delhi, India. Despite his upbringing in a modest environment, Arun Gee’s resolve and ambition were evident from a young age, sparking his interest in business at just 16.

Arun Gee remarkable story

  1. Entrepreneurial Genesis: Mr. Gee commenced his entrepreneurial voyage in 2002 at 21, drawing inspiration from Indian business moguls. Since then, Excellency Group of Companies has burgeoned, spreading its wings across three countries. In 2020, Arun Gee expanded his vision with the establishment of Excellency Holdings.
  2. Entrepreneurial Tenacity: Entrepreneurs like Arun Gee possess an innate ability to think beyond the ordinary, turning their dreams into reality. Their creative prowess and audacity distinguish them, with trust forming the bedrock of their success—a principle Arun Gee embodies in all his ventures.
  3. Global Impact: Despite its relatively brief existence, Arun Gee’s enterprise has made a significant impact. Based in New Delhi, his companies have a global reach, propelled by trust and unwavering diligence.
  4. Diverse Ventures: Arun Gee’s business interests span an array of sectors, including Real Estate Development, Construction, Hospitality, Oil, Education, and Information Technology.
  5. Serial Entrepreneurship: Arun Gee’s journey extends beyond conventional success; he is also a serial entrepreneur. He has invested in nearly 15 startup ventures, nurturing the growth of seven of them.

In essence, Arun Gee’s narrative is one of determination, vision, and entrepreneurial acumen. His ventures serve as pillars of inspiration, shaping industries both domestically and internationally.

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